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Reverse Engineering Services

Transform Your Designs with Our Expertise and QUICKSURFACE Technology

Expert Reverse Engineering Services

Our Advantages

We Redefine The Possibilities of 3D Reverse Engineering

Leveraging the unparalleled capabilities of QUICKSURFACE, we offer comprehensive reverse engineering services that bridge the gap between raw 3D scans and sophisticated, editable CAD models. Our expertise lies not just in using software but in understanding the intricate needs of our clients, ensuring that every project benefits from the most advanced 3D modelling technology available today.

Why Choose Us

Designed For Engineers Who Demand Precision And Efficiency

By integrating QUICKSURFACE’s robust features with our technical know-how, we offer solutions that:

Expedite the preparation of models for manufacturing, enhancing your production timeline.

Offer editing and repair capabilities for CAD data of damaged tools and molds.

Ensure parts perfectly fit with existing components, streamlining the design process.

Drastically cut design costs while speeding up the manufacturing process.

Simplify models for more accurate simulations and innovative packaging designs.

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Industries Served

Industrial Design and Manufacturing

We provide professional results at an affordable price, ensuring quality, speed, and efficiency without the high costs associated with other solutions.

Automotive, Aerospace & Mechanical Parts

Our precision and deviation control meet the high standards required in these industries, ensuring accurate and reliable results.


We tailor our services to meet the specialized needs of healthcare, offering solutions from geometric feature extraction to complex hybrid 3D modelling.

Fashion, Jewellery, Animation & Toys

Our services speed up manufacturing times and save costs, providing easy-to-use tools for extracting features from 3D scans.

Evander Hopper Design LTD

Simplifying the Complexities of 3D Reverse Engineering

The complexities of 3D reverse engineering become a streamlined process. Our skilled team, equipped with QUICKSURFACE’s intuitive tools, ensures your projects are remodelled with the highest accuracy and design intent. Our approach makes reverse engineering more accessible, efficient, and aligned with your specific project goals.

We are also resellers of Quicksurface reverse engineering software.


Master Reverse Engineering with QUICKSURFACE

Designed for engineers, designers, and enthusiasts alike, our courses offer hands-on experience with QUICKSURFACE, the leading 3D reverse engineering software.


Our Completed Projects

Due to the confidential nature of our work, we can share just a small portion of our work.

Viper Clip

Consumer Electronics

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What is reverse engineering, and how can it benefit me?

Reverse engineering involves analyzing a component’s design to replicate or enhance it. It’s ideal for creating CAD models from physical parts, improving manufacturing processes, customizing products, or integrating new features into existing designs.

What technology do you use for reverse engineering?

We use QUICKSURFACE alongside advanced 3D scanners for precise, efficient conversion of 3D scans into editable CAD models. This allows us to tackle a wide range of projects with high accuracy.

Can you handle complex shapes or organic forms?

Yes, our technology is well-equipped for both prismatic and organic shapes, supporting diverse applications across automotive, aerospace, healthcare, and more.

What file formats do you provide, and how can I use the results?

We export in IGES or STEP formats, compatible with various CAD/CAM systems for 3D printing, CNC machining, or further CAD modifications.

How do you ensure accuracy in reverse engineering?

We employ real-time deviation control and meticulous checks throughout the process, ensuring the final CAD model faithfully represents the original part.