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Stress Analysis

Ensuring Durability and Efficiency in Design


Industries Served


For ensuring the durability and safety of aircraft components under extreme conditions.


To optimize vehicle components for strength, safety, and efficiency under dynamic loads.


For assessing the structural integrity of buildings and infrastructure against static and dynamic stresses.


To improve product reliability and performance by evaluating material choices and design configurations.

Medical Devices

For ensuring that medical equipment and implants meet the rigorous standards for strength and safety under operational stresses.

Expert Stress Analysis Services

Our Advantages

Customized Solutions for Static and Dynamic Challenges

Our focus is on both static and dynamic stress analysis, tailoring our approach to suit your specific needs. By accurately simulating real-life scenarios, we not only help in making informed design decisions but also in cost optimization, selecting the most appropriate materials without compromise.

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Fully Customized Solutions


From parts replication to customization.

Cultural Preservation

Scanning for museums, galleries, and heritage projects.


Prosthetics, orthotics, and body scanning.

Industrial Design

For product development, tooling, and quality control.


Creating assets for movies, video games, and VR experiences.

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Due to the confidential nature of our work, we can share just a small portion of our work.

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What is stress analysis?

Stress analysis is a computer-aided process that tests a design’s ability to withstand loads and stresses throughout its lifespan, ensuring it meets the required durability and safety standards.

How does FEA work in stress analysis?

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) breaks down a 3D CAD model into thousands of small elements, allowing for detailed simulation of weight, forces, and constraints to identify weak points and stress concentrations in a design.

Can stress analysis save on project costs?

Yes, by identifying the most suitable materials and optimizing design elements like material thickness and grade, stress analysis can significantly reduce costs without sacrificing quality or safety.

What types of stress analysis do you offer?

We specialize in both static and dynamic stress analysis, covering a wide range of scenarios from constant loads to varying forces and movements, tailored to each project’s specific requirements.